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A cosmetic dentist Baton Rouge is a dental professional whose speciality is the aesthetics aspects of one’s appearance. When you meet someone, the first thing that people will notice is your smile. If you have discolored or yellow teeth, porcelain veneers may be an option that you want to consider to improve your smile. The veneers are thin caps that are bonded directly to the tooth. Many dentists recommend porcelain veneers because they are so natural looking. Another advantage is that of never staining.

If the teeth are still healthy and intact although they may be damaged, discolored, or gaped, the veneer will restore the appearance of the tooth. The porcelain veneer is about a millimeter in thickness and is bonded to the natural tooth.

Some patients are concerned about the longevity of veneers, but if the tooth is properly bonded with the veneer, it should last for decades rather than just a given number of years. A computerized photo imaging projection gives the patient a visual of what to expect and is quite accurate if there is concern about the final appearance..

Check with your dentist in Baton Rouge to insure that dental veneers are the right choice for you.

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